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Personal income tax in Thailand: pay less with health insurance

Did you know you could claim income tax deductions and get money back if you purchase a health insurance policy in Thailand?

Parapharmaceuticals. Why are they a health insurance exclusion?

More than ever, doctors are prescribing patients with parapharmaceuticals.  While these vitamin and mineral infused pills claim to have dramatic health benefits, parapharmaceuticals aren’t what[...]

3 biggest reasons young expats in Thailand visit the ER

As a young person, you probably think your health is nothing to worry about.  You feel great, rarely get sick and recover easily from a night out.  The truth is, you’re right.  Young people are[...]

Why get a comprehensive expat health insurance? Explore 5 reasons

 With day-to-day life often feeling like routine, we tend not to think of the risks it involves.  From the everyday dangers of accidents to the many health conditions associated with the[...]

Second Medical Opinion: How to consult another doctor? (Part 2)


In our previous article about when to get a second medical opinion, we explained what a second medical opinion is and advised when you should seek one.  At this point, you’ve likely made up your[...]

When to get a second medical opinion? 5 possible scenarios (Part 1)

You just left the hospital.  What you thought was a sprained ankle turns out to be a tear of your achilles tendon.  Your doctors say you will be on crutches for the next 12 weeks. Something in[...]

Thailand health insurance plans 101: What are your options?

Whether you’re a Thai local or expat, health insurance plans in the Land of Smiles can be confusing. As a local, you may be unaware of the benefits offered to you as a citizen. And as an expat,[...]

3 most common deadly illnesses in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a tropical region. And as such, you may think the most common, serious diseases people are afflicted with here all relate to the climate. The tropics are, of course, home to some[...]

How Luma changes the company culture

How a switch to Luma health insurance changed FEMCO Thailand's company culture


Health is important for everyone. And when today’s top talent are choosing an employer, one benefit they consider[...]

Exploding medical costs in Thailand: the 3 key factors behind

There’s no question. Medical costs are rising around the world, and Thailand and Southeast Asia are not immune. To gain a better understanding of the influencing factors behind rising medical[...]