Top 5 Tennis Rackets 2021 - Choose your next winning tennis racket

Written by Alex B.
2021-06-21 08:25:33

There’s an extensive range of tennis rackets and brands on offer this year - so how do you decide which one is the best for you?

Choosing a new tennis racket comes down to personal choice. But choosing the right tennis racket will make a huge difference to your game - helping you reach a higher level of tennis and increase your overall performance on the court.

You should consider your own ability, as well as the specifications of the racket:

  • Beginner tennis players tend to do better with a lightweight racket with a larger head size
  • Intermediate tennis players will start to reduce the head size and increase the weight of the racket.
  • Advanced tennis players are typically looking for mid-size rackets that allow them to play with control, feel and precision.

Following these specifications, please find the Top 5 tennis rackets for men and for women:

Top 5 Tennis Rackets 2021 - Men

  •  Babolat Pure Drive

 Babolat Pure Drive

This racket is great for players who want power and explosivity from their shots. It can also help you create a lot of spins.

  • HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed MP

The Speed MP is a good choice for players looking for control for their fast game but with maneuverability and easy handling. The HEAD Speed Series is endorsed by ATP number 1 player, Novak Djokovic.

  • Prince Phantom 100x

7t51a_1_4This racket is ideal for the intermediate or advanced player who wants a lively and spin-friendly player's racket with above-average control and comfort.


  • Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13wilson-1872-86777-1

The preferred racket of Roger Federer, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket is designed for the advanced player. In the right hands, this racket has great stability, very controllable power and improve feel.

  • Yonex VCORE Pro 100

Yonex-RACCHETTA-VCOREPRO-100-300g-racchetta-da-tennis-MATT-GREEN-G2-02VCP100-AFor intermediate to advanced players looking for a maneuverable racket designed for spin and speed.


Top 5 Tennis Rackets 2021 - Women

There’s no fine line that distinguishes tennis rackets designed for women versus men. Although it’s recommended for women to choose a lighter racket because they are easier to maneuver and place less stress on the wrist and elbows.
But it really comes down to comfort and personal preference.

  • Babolat Pure Aero


Known for being one of the most spin-friendly rackets on market, with great control and power.


  • HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity MP

The HEAD Gravity racket is a good choice for players who are looking for a slightly lighter racket. Recommended by Ashleigh Barty, WTA number 1.

  • HEAD Graphene 360+ Instinct MP

The HEAD Instinct racket is perfect for the tournament player who needs effortless power and a very high level of comfort.

  • Wilson Clash 100

wilson-9934-10376-1The Wilson Clash 100 is a uniquely flexible racket with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel. This racket is ideal for the intermediate player who wants ultra-easy acceleration.

  • Yonex EZONE 98

01799000_000The Yonex EZONE 98 racket is a good choice for intermediate to advanced players looking to dominate with controllable power and comfort.

Where to buy your new tennis racket in Thailand?

There are a few general sports retailers in Thailand such as Supersports and Decathlon, department stores, plus some independent retailers in Bangkok such as Futuresports and Sport Nova that focus only on sports such as tennis and squash. And finally, several of the tennis clubs have on-site shops selling equipment too.

Our partner Le Smash Club has a range of HEAD tennis rackets for sale at their club in Bangkok.

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Final thoughts

Choosing a new tennis racket comes down to personal preferences - how the racket feels on the court and how it looks - and your level of play. If it doesn’t feel right to you on the court, then it’s not the right racket for you. If you’re a member of a tennis club you will probably be able to try out some of the rackets in the shop and get some feedback from other players in the club.
Good luck!

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