7 Ways Quitting Smoking Can Benefit Your Health

By Steve C


We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but do you know the benefits you’ll experience after quitting smoking?

You’ll be a bundle of energy

After you quit smoking, your blood circulation will improve within 2-12 weeks, making exercise, from walking to tennis a lot easier.

What’s more is that quitting smoking will help boost your immune system, helping your body fight off the bugs causing illnesses, such as a cold or the flu. With the oxygen flowing around your body you’ll be feeling less tired and less likely to be suffering from headaches.

What could you achieve with that extra energy?

Quitting Smoking

1. Regain Your Youth

Why spend lots of money on expensive facial creams that claim to keep your skin looking youthful, when you could just quit smoking? Putting down the cigarettes has been proven to delay the appearance of wrinkles and slow the aging of the skin.

You’ll be glowing as your skin gets more of an oxygen fix.


2. Breathe Easy

You may not notice it as much if you’re in your 20s or 30s, but smoking causes your lung capacity to dwindle. While it might not seem like it’s affecting you now, as you age you will find it notably more difficult to breathe. Giving up cigarettes can help increase lung capacity by 10% within 9 months.

How do you envision your older self? Active and healthy or wheezing away as you climb up the stairs?

Quitting Smoking breath easy


3. Reduce Your Stress Levels

It may seem like you are going through stress when you initially quit, but this is in fact nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Scientific studies prove that ex-smokers stress levels are lower after they stop.

If you’re the sort of person that suffers from stress regularly, you can look to replace smoking with a healthier alternative and gain real benefits at the same time.


4. Taste the Difference

The hundreds of toxins contained in cigarettes dull your senses, including smell and taste. When you quit food will taste and smell a whole lot better.

Transform your Friday night meal!


5. Live Longer

Studies show that half of all long-term smokers die earlier than their counterparts from smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer and heart disease.

But, it’s also been discovered that men who stop smoking before they turn 30 can add 10 years onto their life, and those who quit at age 60 can add 3 years.

It’s never too late!


6. Protect Your Loved Ones

Stopping smoking, not only protects your health, but also the health of the people you love. Second-hand smoke doubles the risk of children getting illnesses such as pneumonia, asthma, and ear infections, as well as increase the risk of lung cancer and strokes.

7. Start Your Family

Research shows that the risk of infertility amongst smokers are twice as likely than in non-smokers, meaning non-smokers find it easier to conceive. Not only does quitting smoking improve the men’s sperm count, but also improves the lining of the womb.

If you’re going through IVF, quitting smoking increases your possibility of getting pregnant and can help to reduce the chances of having a miscarriage.

But above all else, it improves the likelihood of conceiving a healthy baby.


At Luma, we are always encouraging our members to make healthier choices and happily guide them along the way. Why not get in touch with our health solutions team to see how we can help you choose a health insurance plan to suit you?

Watch our videos that explain the benefits of quitting smoking.

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GO SMOKE FREE! We dare you.

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