Muaythai and Boxing in Thailand: Should Your Kids Start Learning?

Written by Steve C
2018-08-24 11:13:57

Kids in many families have extra free time and energy throughout the week, and it is therefore important for parents to direct their leisure activities in positive ways. Parents in Thailand may find themselves curious about the country’s national martial art of muaythai (literally “Thai boxing”), but unsure if it is an appropriate hobby for their kids.

Training in muaythai or traditional boxing in Thailand is available for interested young people, although parents should make their own informed decisions about whether or not to let their children participate. There are clear benefits and some potential dangers inherent in sports like boxing, which this article will examine in turn.

At the outset, we would like to emphasize that we do not condone actual competitive child boxing, due to the well-documented health risks. However, training that focuses on techniques and exercise poses less of a risk. Here are some reasons why training in muaythai and boxing for kids may be worth a second look:

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  • Muaythai and boxing help develop discipline as well as physical fitness. Proper training teaches a wealth of finely tuned skills. For kids with lazy lifestyles and poor diets, muaythai and boxing are excellent ways to get rid of bad habits and develop healthier ones. Muaythai in particular provides full-body exercise that burns many calories and works on developing the abdominal muscles, arms, legs, and shoulders. Improved balance, coordination, and healthy muscle growth are among the many benefits that regular practice can bring while pursuing these avenues of fitness in Thailand.

  • Self-defense is always a good investment. Until we somehow create a world without crime and bullying, it is worthwhile for every person to study the basics of self-defense. In addition to the physical safety that muaythai and boxing bestow upon the student, they also encourage the development of a strong psychological character.

  • Physical ability leads to increased self-confidence. When people practice boxing or other martial arts, they no longer need to live with the thought in the back of their minds that, should a physical confrontation arise, they will be at the mercy of their antagonist. True freedom, independence, and high self-esteem come with the knowledge that each of us can navigate life’s obstacles on our own, and competence in our ability to handle physical conflict is a significant ingredient in that equation.
  • Muaythai and boxing can be healthy for kids’ social lives. Rather than spending their time playing games or sending texts by phone, kids taking self-defense classes have the chance to make new friends and see other young athletes regularly in person.

  • Boxing consumes large amounts of energy, helping to relieve stress. Excess energy can make it difficult for kids to study and perform well in school. Activities like boxing can help children use up their extra energy so that they sleep well at night and feel more alert in class.

As far as risks go, injury is a real possibility and a legitimate concern, although it is important to keep it in the proper context. Here are some points to consider:

  • The danger associated with boxing is real, but often exaggerated. It is worth ensuring that muaythai and boxing in Thailand – particularly at the initial training level – take place in a controlled environment where close instruction and experienced instructors help to mitigate risk.

  • Smaller injuries and scrapes are the main concerns. As with all sports, muaythai and boxing carry a certain amount of risk, although injuries received in casual training normally fall under the category of bruised knuckles or potentially a fractured wrist. Of course, the harder you train, the more potential harm you could be exposed to, and more serious injuries can occur.

Preparation is an important element of responsible participation in boxing (or sports of any kind). Luma offers a range of insurance policies, including for children’s health insurance, to keep you protected so that big hospital bills can be avoided in the event of certain injuries.

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Developing new skills and abilities is a great way to achieve physical fitness in Thailand. Those interested in joining a high-quality boxing school, even if just for a trial class, are invited to contact our partner organization: RSM Academy, kid-friendly and conveniently located in several areas of Bangkok.

Regular boxing and muaythai practice can lead to improvements in strength, agility, balance, coordination, and discipline, although it is essential to remember that proper techniques and safety guidelines should be followed at all times. A well-equipped gym will organize specially-prepared workouts for people of all ages and skill levels, usually with a vibrant musical selection keeps the atmosphere active inside the gym.

Other sportive hobbies can achieve similar goals, as we highlighted in our previous article, Why Your Family Should Start Playing Tennis in Bangkok Today. In that article, we suggest tennis as a healthy outlet for kids, helping encourage them to enjoy the outdoors while giving their developing muscles a chance to reach their potential.