Lifetime renewal: How a health insurance guarantee can save you sleepless nights, millions of baht and your life

Written by John W.
2018-06-07 11:11:01

As your health insurance renewal date nears, it can be a scary time. What if your premium increases, or your health insurance provider refuses to renew your policy? How will you cope? You may wonder if there’s anything you can do to prevent a scenario like this from happening. Thankfully, there is. The answer is a lifetime renewal guarantee, which can put your worries at ease for good. But how does such a guarantee accomplish this? Before we answer that, let’s define exactly what a lifetime renewal guarantee is.


What is a lifetime renewal guarantee?

When it comes to health insurance, a lifetime renewal guarantee is exactly what it sounds like. It is a guarantee that your health insurance will be renewed, no matter your age or health conditions. That means if you happen to be diagnosed with a serious illness or chronic medical condition, your health insurance company cannot reject the renewal of your insurance, or leave you with no coverage. A lifetime renewal guarantee provides you guaranteed coverage under the same health insurance provider—no matter what. You have complete freedom to continue your coverage for as long as you wish.


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How a lifetime renewal guarantee protects your life and financial future

Now that you understand what a lifetime renewal guarantee is, you can probably see its obvious benefits. Without this guarantee, you could lose your medical coverage when you need it most. For example, if you are diagnosed with diabetes three months before your health insurance renews, your provider could choose to reject your renewal. If this happens, it will likely be difficult to insure the disease as many Thailand health insurance providers do not cover preexisting conditions. As it’s not uncommon for the costs of diabetes treatment to hit $100,000 USD, a lifetime renewal guarantee ensures you get the life-saving drugs and care to protect your health and finances.

Without treatment, diabetes can lead to heart and kidney disease, nerve damage, vision loss, amputation and a potential early death. In other words, a lifetime renewal guarantee can save your financial future and potentially your life. What’s more, you’ll also avoid the stress and worry that comes with questioning whether your health insurance provider will renew your policy. Instead, you can sleep soundly knowing your policy will be renewed, and you’ll be covered for as long as you wish.


At LUMA, we are proud to offer you lifetime renewal guarantees with many policies we offer. While the premiums of all our members’ policies increase every year because of medical inflation, they will never increase due to a member being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition. In other words, all our members’ premiums increase at the same rate depending on their age group.


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