Five Reasons Why Medical Tourism in Thailand is So Popular

Written by Steve C
2018-08-06 07:29:27

Thailand’s medical tourism is on pace to grow 14% annually, and is routinely ranked as one of the world’s best medical tourism destinations. Here we give 6 of the main reasons why hospitals in Thailand are such a good choice for overseas patients looking for affordable, high quality treatment.

Excellent hospitals can be found all around the world, along with an even greater number of affordable ones. For the purposes of medical tourism, the challenge is in finding a location whose hospitals fit both descriptions. If the suitable destination country has other attractions as well, then it becomes a highly desirable place for medical tourists to visit.

By these measurements, medical tourism in Thailand shines very brightly indeed on the world stage. Its increasingly high-tech economy reflects heavy investment in healthcare and infrastructure, while featuring a modest cost of living that is more commonly found in the world’s developing countries.

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As medical tourists over the years have discovered, Hospitals in Thailand represent an excellent microcosm of this phenomenon. Here are several of the advantages that Thailand offers as a medical destination.

  • Modern equipment and internationally trained doctors have earned Thai hospitals a well-deserved reputation for excellence, providing exceptional service at a fraction of the cost of hospitals in countries like the United States. Other features traditionally associated with expensive private hospitals, such as short waiting times as well as the caring and unhurried nature of the staff, are widely available within Thailand’s network of quality medical facilities.


  • Many of these Thai hospitals are managed with expats in mind, leading to several advantages for foreign visitors. A familiarity with foreign languages, as well as a commitment to providing a comfortable Western hospital experience, are commonplace in these types of medical facilities.


  • Such hospitals are sensibly located, with solid infrastructure and often good sightseeing opportunities to enhance the surrounding atmosphere. In such places, affordable accommodation tends to be plentiful nearby, along with a wide selection of shopping centers and restaurants to keep visitors entertained and satisfied.


  • Thailand’s generous hospitality and national sense of harmony offer the perfect accompaniment to medical treatment, with the country’s friendly environment helping to put patients at ease during their recovery.


  • Accessibility is another key advantage to medical tourism in Thailand. With excellent international airports all across the country, along with low-cost airlines allowing fast transportation within it, a visit to Thailand has never been easier to organize.


Additional examples of high-quality health services can be found throughout the country, as heavy investment in new equipment and training keep medical tourism in Thailand competitive with hospitals all around the world.

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