How Luma changes the company culture

2018-04-10 10:46:55

How a switch to Luma health insurance changed FEMCO Thailand's company culture.

Health is important for everyone. And when today’s top talent are choosing an employer, one benefit they consider is health insurance. What kind of package does the employer offer? Is the insurance plan from a premium provider?

FEMCO Thailand, which is a branch of the Taiwan multi-divisional steel company, manufactures CNC machines. While the Taiwan headquarters offered Life, Accident, and Health insurance to their employees, the Thailand branch only rely on Social Security. 

The Office Manager, Khun Soraya Charoenthong, was assigned to find get an insurance for Thai employees that align the branch’s benefits with the Taiwan headquarters.

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The Problem

FEMCO Thailand’s Office Manager had considered employee health insurance in the past, however, Sheconsistently bumped into the same hurdle: the company did not have enough employees to reach the minimum requirement of the insurer. She shared this frustration with FEMCO Taiwan headquarters, who recommended her to try LUMA.

Afterwards, she contacted LUMA’s sales team and was soon delighted to hear of their health insurance solution.

“I heard that LUMA has a mobile application that will support my employees in many aspects.
I believe that the application will support and shorten my working time on paperwork. Also, the sales team is very supportive and willing to answer my questions regarding to the coverage.
The claim process is easy.”

The innovative mobile application LUMA offers would make it easy to manage the policy, for both the office manager and employees. Staff could view their benefits on the go, submit and track claims online, and even discover and choose their preferred medical provider—all from the convenience of their mobile.

What’s more, finding a health insurance provider who is invested in pleasing their clients was a welcomed bonus for Human Resource Team. The friendly LUMA customer care specialists provide 24/7 multi-language support and are transparent about the service, clearly answering any question him or his staff may have.


The Result

Luma health insurance was a win win for FEMCO Thailand’s employees. Founder was happy because his company’s benefits now aligned with Taiwan headquarters, and his employees were delighted with their new health insurance. Not only did the new policy exceed staff expectations, being far more comprehensive than expected, but it is also demonstrated a change in company culture: the high coverage health insurance reflected that FEMCO Thailand truly values its employees.  

As for attracting talent, FEMCO Thailand’s new health insurance benefits have already paid off. LUMA health care coverage was the deciding factor for one new employee who chose FEMCO over another potential employer.

To learn how your company can benefit from LUMA’s comprehensive health insurance coverage, contact LUMA today at A LUMA policy will not only protect your valuable employees, but also show you’re invested in their welfare.

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