Luma members' opinion about Covid Vaccine in Thailand

2021-02-03 07:03:47

Luma members were invited to participate in a poll to collect their opinion about Covid vaccine in Thailand.
The survey was performed online in January 2021 on more than 300 Luma members in Thailand.

To "Would you get the Covid-19 vaccine if generally available?": 57,5% of the respondents replied they would get vaccinated immediately; 37% would rather wait; and only 5% answered they did not want the Covid vaccine at all. 

Covid Vaccine in ThailandAmong the sample who indicated they'd rather wait to be vaccinated, 2/3 would rather wait to be vaccinated among the 2nd or 3rd group, and 1/3 would wait as much as possible until the vaccine is required (to travel for instance).

Regarding top reasons for getting the Covid vaccine, respondents indicated it would be to #1- Protect oneself and prevent virus spread; and #2- Be able to travel.


Half of the respondents indicated they would accept to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at a private hospital; 18% at a private clinic; 18% at a Government recommended vaccination center; and only 8% at a government hospital

Where to receive Covid Vaccine in Thailand


Regarding side effects, survey reveals Luma members were more concerned about long-term side effects (55%) than short-term side effects.

Covid Vaccine side effects in Thailand


When asked whether they have a preference for the type of vaccine technology used: 44% have a preference for mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna); 25% for vectored vaccine (Astrazeneca); 5% for traditional vaccines (Sinovac or Sinopharm). However, 26% of the respondents declared they did not know. 

Covid Vaccine type in Thailand


Last, regarding the Covid vaccine cost: Half replied they would be willing to pay out of pocket to receive the vaccine if the cost were not covered by the Government nor by their insurance (Covid Vaccine Insurance for instance). 39% indicated they could consider paying themselves if the cost was reasonable.

Covid Vaccine price in Thailand

To "How much would you be willing to pay to get the vaccine?"; 60% would be willing to pay if the cost were between 1,000 THB and 4,000THB; 20% would be willing to pay above 4,000 THB. Respondents also indicated they would be willing to pay for a faster access to the vaccine (57,5% of surveyed people).