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2018-09-14 04:34:40

Join us as we explore BNH Hospital, Bangkok; recognised as the first international private hospital in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The quality of a hospital’s healthcare provision is often judged by patients’ perceptions of a homely and welcoming atmosphere, supportive staff and a pleasant environment. For many, these comforts can be just as important as the quality medical centres of excellence and the medical expertise of the Doctors themselves.

It is undoubtedly for these very reasons that patients think of the hospital as a ‘home away from home’. Regular patient feedback is that the hospital feels ‘cosy’ and ‘is not cold and sterile like most other hospitals’.

You see, Bangkok Nursing Home is simply not the type of private hospital that houses multinational fast food chains. Throughout its lifespan, the hospital management team has worked hard on getting every detail right for staff, patients and the community.

With a long history and prominent heritage, BNH Hospital is housed in a modern, intelligent building (built in 1996) with bright and airy interiors across eight storeys. Originally known as Bangkok Nursing Home, BNH was Thailand’s first international standard private hospital. It was established in 1898 thanks to the generous donations of King Rama V. The hospital has continued delivering premium medical services for a total of 120 years, spanning the reigns of six Thai kings.

The nursing home, back in the old days, used to serve morning tea at 6 am and afternoon tea at 4 pm to every patient which was a time honoured British tradition. The kitchen was offering  a delicious spread of Thai and western favourites; and even cheese and crackers to polish off the dinner.

For a touch of style and French culinary delights, Café Mademoiselle on the second floor is managed by two French women with a passion for baking with BK magazine describing the café as ‘Soi Convent’s hidden gem’.

There are impeccable Thai service standard present amongst all staff, with English spoken in every Department; right down to the orderlies who still wear the traditional royal pattern dress from the King Rama V era (1853-84).

The oldest member of staff has worked at BNH for 56 years. Working her first shift way back in 1962, she has witnessed some incredible stories over the years, such as the joy of two wedding engagements. Another heart-warming story involves a wedding ceremony hosted in the President Suite to ensure a dying father did not miss his daughter’s wedding.

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The hospital is also well known for its charitable endeavours and community work. The Bed Push charity event, for example, was a hugely popular fundraising event among expatriate communities in Bangkok.

BNH Hospital specialises in a number of medical fields- total women’s health solutions, including delivery and breastfeeding support, and is renowned for its four centres of excellence: gynaecology; spine; cardio metabolic and emergency medical treatment.

The hospital is located in the heart of the central business district, Silom, with easy to access via the MRT and BTS station Sala Daeng stations. BNH hospital now has a dedicated international patients coordinator team with English-speaking international staff. For any enquiries, please contact

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9/1, Convent Road,

Silom Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Tel : 02-022-0700 Fax : 02-686-2778

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