Bangkok’s Best International School For Your Child’s Learning Style

2019-04-25 11:22:25

With a number of top international schools to choose from, many with world-class facilities, challenging international curriculums and excellent extra-curricular programmes, Bangkok can seem like an education utopia. But choosing the right school for your child can feel daunting; it’s a big decision and one that takes careful consideration.

While the city’s international schools all have a lot to recommend them, they may not all be well suited to your families needs. The way your child learns and whether that style is encouraged and catered to can have an impact on how they thrive at school, so it’s important to find somewhere with a nurturing environment that will serve your child and their needs.

Let’s break down the different learning styles and explore which of Bangkok’s international schools supports them.

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What are the different learning styles?

If you have noticed your child responding to certain stimuli, or a particular class or teacher, it may be to do with the way the material is being presented. When a student receives information in a way that suits them, learning can be enhanced.

Styles of learning include:

  • Auditory: The student learns through listening and responds well to sound and music. They retain information that is explained orally, tend to enjoy discussion and often repeat information back to themselves. They may have trouble with written instructions.
  • Visual: The student learns through watching, uses spatial understanding and prefers visual stimuli like pictures, charts and diagrams. They tend to remember visual details, enjoy watching demonstrations and like to doodle or take notes when listening.  
  • Kinaesthetic: The student learns through doing. They work well in hands-on activities that involve movement or manual manipulation. They often talk with their hands, like to touch things and remember actions if they have physically carried them out.  
  • Logical: The student learns by using logic and reasoning. They like to explore patterns and how things work, tend to have an aptitude for mathematics and strategy and ask a lot of questions.

Most schools will employ a range of teaching techniques across their curriculum, but it’s useful to know what they emphasise.

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Let’s explore some of Bangkok’s best rated international school to see which learning styles they support.

Harrow International School

Described as an educational oasis, this British curriculum-based school boasts extensive grounds and sports fields. Its emphasis on outdoor pursuits and the arts is suited to kinaesthetic and visual learners.

45 Soi Kosumruamchai 14

Kosumruamchai Road

Don Mueang 

Bangkok 10210

Tel.: +66 (0) 2 503 7222

Shrewsbury International School

This British school by the Chao Phraya River is known for a focus on creativity and expression with excellent programmes including art and music, which suit visual and auditory learners.

1922 Charoen Krung Rd

แขวงวัดพระยาไกร Khet Bang Kho Laem

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120

Tel.: +66 (0) 2 675 1888


NIST International School

Located centrally in Sukhumvit, NIST is known for excellent sports and extracurricular activities. These combined with its inquiry-based approach to teaching suit logical and kinaesthetic learners.

36 Sukhumvit Soi 15

Klongtoey-nua, Wattana

Bangkok  10110

Tel.: +66 (0)2 017 5888

International School Bangkok (ISB)

Established in 1951, ISB focuses on global best practices, languages and sport to create an environment for logical, auditory and kinaesthetic learners to thrive.

39/7 Soi Samakee Road

Bang Talad

Nonthaburi 11120

Tel.: +66 (0) 2963 5800

Lycee Francais

Bangkok’s French international school guides students with a methodological, conceptual framework that suits logical and visual learners.

498, soi Ramkhamhaeng 39 (Thep Leela 1)


Bangkok 10310

Tel.: +66 (0) 2 934-8008

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