5 Workouts at Home during COVID-19 Outbreak

Written by Wanitcha S.
2020-03-25 08:22:38

Many people who exercise daily may be worried during the COVID-19 outbreak as there might be a risk of contracting the virus at the gym. Experts say gym or fitness centres now may seem to be the worst place to go because of close contact with lots of people, crowded spaces, heavy breathing and frequently touched equipment.

At this time of the outbreak, many have to stay home and have no chance to stay active. It can be sad for some people when they start seeing layers of fat under their skin. But do not be discouraged. Some workouts can be done at home to keep your body stay fit and healthy.

1. Rope jumping:

Rope Jumping - Luma Health

Calories burned: 660-990 calories/hour (at least 120 jumps per minute)

Rope jumping is easy to do. If you have a rope with heavier weight and bigger rot, it helps you burn calories. Pick a nice and flat surface such as a gym mat or concrete floor at your home to jump. Grassy and dirt floor is okay, too. Jumping rope is beneficial for people who are also active in other sports such as basketball, tennis or football.

2. Running stairs:

Running Stairs - Luma Health

Calories burned: 639-946 calories/hour

Most houses and building have stairs between floors. If you cannot leave your house during the COVID-19 outbreak, stairs can be another best place instead of the gym. Running up and down on stairs can burn a lot of calories. However, running stairs may be limited to people who are fit, but not for those who are overweight, have joint pains or bone fracture. Running stairs at full speed around 20 minutes is recommended. After this, it can be slow walking for another 20 minutes. Take turns to run stairs again. Best is to keep your heartbeat consistent, which will aid in burning a lot of calories.

3. Hula Hooping:

Hula Hooping - Luma Health

Benefit: Burn 400-600 calorie/hour

Hula hooping is now popular among home exercisers who are not a hardcore gym goer. Hula hooping does not require hard actions, but it can burn a lot of calories. According to a report from the American Council on Exercise, hula hooping can burn 400 – 600 calorie per hour or 7 calories per minute. Hula hooping helps maintain shape, especially around the waist, and helps tone your abdominal muscles.

4. Burpees (Squat Thrusts)

Burpees (Squat Thrusts) - Luma Health

Benefit: Burn 600-730 calories/hour

The burpee or squat thrust is a full-body exercise. It consists of simple steps testing both strength and aerobic capacities. It helps work your chest, arm, thighs, and abs. Studies have shown that burpees burn up to 50% more fat than conventional strength training exercises. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can still do burpees anywhere. You can do burpees in small rooms, in the yard, or in the park. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is better to do it in your bedroom or living room.

5. Pushups

Pushups - Luma Health

Benefit: In general, pushups can burn at least 7 calories/minute

To build strength, pushups are another easy and effective exercise. With regular pushups, the upper part of your body will be strengthened. For beginners, start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 30 seconds of rest. When you do your pushups, keep your back and body in a straight line. Keep your butt down, not lifted. Pushups are easy to do but require efforts to do it regularly. They can actually be done anywhere, and you don’t need any equipment to do them. Even if you are not a gym member, push-ups can still keep you strong and healthy.

These workouts help burn a lot of calories just like when you go to gym. Although the outbreak crisis can cause stress and depression to many people, stay positive and keep working out at home every day. And when the situation gets better, you can go back to the gym or fitness anytime you like.

We trust that you will do some exercises at home to strengthen your body and immunity during the COVID-19 outbreak. In turn, you can trust us that we will take care of your health when an unlikely incident occurs to you. If you need premium health insurance with strong hospital network, fill in the form below to get a quote.

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